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The Steel Challenge is a dynamic shooting competition established in 1981, supervised by the Steel Challenge Shooting Association (SCSA), which consists of eight standard stages with metal targets in three sizes; small round, large round and rectangular. Competitiors are scored solely on the time they take to complete each stage, and the winner of the match is the player with the lowest total time for the entire match.

Steel Challenge has many similarities to IPSC but is in a more TV and viewer friendly format due to simpler rules and the same stages. For this reason, the Steel Challenge has become a venue for setting and breaking speed records. Competitors can also use rimfire pistols and rifles (.22lr), which also allows children to compete. People in wheelchairs are also allowed to start.

The rules are simple: on the timer signal, the competitor will shoot at all five targets on the stage as described in the course of fire, in any order, except that the target on the red pole must be hit last. The competitor performs 5 strings on the track, of which the time of the best 4 is counted. The competitor's score is the total time for all stages. The smaller the better.

This does not apply to the Outer Limits stage, where the course of fire description specifies the order of shooting at the targets and the competitor performs 4 strings, of which the time of the best 3 is counted